Jodi's Cardio Workout

Jodi Being JodiMy Cardio exercise consists of running outside. I run five days a week. I pick which five days of running that works best into my schedule for that particular week. Three of my runs are three miles long and the other two runs are six miles length. The six-mile run is a harder route with hills, and is usually done on the weekend or on my day off from working. The three-mile runs are many different routes through my neighborhood and town.

I learned the importance of dressing properly so I can run in all types of weather. I am an early morning runner and when I was going to the hospital to receive my radiation treatment I would run before my 7:20am appointment. Starting my day running was very important to me because it allowed me to reflect on the day and view the stillness of the morning. Some mornings the stars were still out and as brilliant as fire. I enjoyed doing something for me and setting the tone for the day.

Equally as important, was taking care of my body right after receiving radiation, by going to the gym for my weight training. I took care of my run, I took care of my treatment and I took care of my body by going to the gym. I was then ready for a GR8T day!

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